The following topics were covered by Shaykh Saqib Iqbal hh in English during the recent weekly Ihya gatherings at Birmingham Markaz.

1. A detailed academic refutation of Javed Ghamdi sahibs’ position on Shaykh Muhyid din Ibn al Arabi ra in relation to Khatm un Nubuwwah insinuating that Shaykh al Akbar disbelieved in the Finality of Prophethood.


– Shaykh Ibn al Arabi’s ra Special terminology in Al Futuhat al Makkiyah in comparison with that of other ascetics and Ghamdi sahibs Shubuhat.

– The necessity of studying the terminology of any science and its authors before critiquing the works of Ulama relating to it.

– The conditions of the Muhaddithoon, theologians and jurists, regarding the attribution of books to the authors and Ghamdi sahibs confusion regarding the theologians prerequisites of anathematisation.

– Ala Hazrat’s ra position on the controversial statements in the books attributed to Awlia and the authenticity of al Futuhaat manuscripts available in the Egyptian book shops.

– Imam Abu Talib Makki, Imam Ghazali, and Shaykh Ibn al Arabi’s ra definition of Tawheed and its division proven from Al Quran.

– The levels of daleel required in relation to various creedal matters and Ghamdi sahibs unnecessary demand of explicit stipulation from Al Quran for indecisive Zanni beliefs.
– Examples of Ghamdi sahib not fulfilling his own conditions and blind following his teacher Amin Ahsan Islahi.

– The secret knowledge of the Sufiyaa in reference to the wisdom of the mysteries in Al Quran in the form of Muqaatiaat, Mutashabihaat, Khafi (the opposite of zahir verses), Mushkil (the opposite of Nass), Mujmal (the opposite of Mufassar) and Mutashabih (the opposite of Muhkam verses).

– A comparative study of the Ashari/Maturidi Kalam methodology in reference to Shaykh Ibn al Arabi’s ra special terminology and how it can be misunderstood.

– Examples of double standards of those who declare the terminology of Sufia as an innovation but accept many terminologies of the scholars of Hadith, Kalam and Fiqh which have no explicit mention in the Quran and Sunnah.

– Sincere advice for Javed Ahmad Ghamdi to not provide ammunition to the Takfeeris of the Indian subcontinent and their representatives in the west. Although Ghamdi sahib does not make Takfeer himself but has aided others in it, it is like the one who distributes guns for free in a city of murderers and forgoes any responsibility for his actions. One cannot get away with such a heinous crime by merely saying that I didn’t shoot anyone myself, I only provided the ammunition for them.

2. The signs of Qiyamah and pandemics in light of Al Isha’ah li Ashrati Sa’ah by Imam Barzanji ra.


– The necessity of studying and teaching our children the signs of Akhir uz Zaman and its correct methodology.

– The false claimants of being the Mahdi and the clear events to be mindful of before the appearance of Imam al Mahdi ra in light of Saheeh Ahadith and the understanding of the Sunni commentators.

– A detailed lecture was dedicated to the Hadith of Hazrat Tamim ad Dari ra about Dajjal and its relevance to the modern age and the responsibility of the Ummah.

– Refutation of Sheikh Rasheed Rida and Ibn Uthaimans dirayatan denial of the Riwayatan, authentic Hadith (from Saheeh Muslim) about Jassasah and the Dajjal’s island as well as their strange reasons of rejecting the tatbeeq of Ulama.

– A response to those who question the knowledge of Rasulullah ﷺ due to some of the Sahabas ra confusion regarding Ibn Siyad being the Dajjal considering the explanation of Sunni traditional scholars.

– The concept of Dajjal in the Christian tradition in comparison with the Muslim narrative.

– A comparison between the power of Dajjal and the miracles of Awlia and the history of the battles between the forces of evil and good in the physical and metaphysical realms.

– The anti-Christ, the political ruler of the orthodox Yahood and the belief of the, conservative and reform Yahood in comparison with the belief of the Israeli Haredi, darti, masorti and the Hiloni sects of jews.This was discussed in light of which sects from the Jewish communities will unite in Yahooda al Asfahan under the banner of Dajjal.

– The 5 point Agenda of the Yahood and Nasara regarding Masjid Al Aqsa.

– The danger of Muslim children watching the distorted portrayal of the Christian tradition about the beast, the ring and river Euphrates unveiling its gold in movies.

– How the Abdal of Shaam, the A’sab of Iraq and all the Awlia belonging to every spiritual path will unite under the banner of Al Imam Al Mahdi ra to fight against Dajjal.

– Discussion on some interesting qualities attributed to the Romans mentioned by Sayiduna Amr bin Aas ra as to why they will be in majority which we can observe in the modern age.

– Sufyani, The ruler of Shaam, his lineage and how and where his army will be swallowed up by the earth.

– Academic discussion regarding the Mediterranean Sea, Arabian Sea and the island of Dajjal in reference to Hazrat Tamim Dari’s ra Hadith on the Dajjal. Events such as the date trees of Baisaan, the spring of Zughar and the lake Tiberius in Israel changing where discussed in relation to modern research from scientific bodies such as the global water forum.

3. In depth tafseer of the short Surahs of Al Quran for success in both worlds.


– How to treat mental health issues through the study of al Quran.

– A practical methodology of how to spiritually train ourselves and our children to face the tribulations of the Dajjal in light of Tafseer of Al Quran.

– Spiritual Quranic litanies to fight against satanic whispers, evil effects of jinnat and other satanic forces and how to live a life full of positivity and happiness in light of Quranic tafseer.

– How to make your children fall in love with Quran in light of tafseer of Short Quranic Surahs.

– The Quran and four human temperaments.

Beautiful amalgamations between modern scientific research and authentic Islamic scriptures and literature have been presented by our Shaykh, Saqib Iqbal Hh. The Shaykh has provided much needed clarification on the aforementioned subjects and bought to light many intricacies that have been hidden in classical books for centuries.

The Kanz ul Huda weekly Ihya has been operating to capacity and in accordance with government guidelines. Since both main halls at Markaz get packed during weekly ihya gatherings so due to the recent lockdown restrictions Kanz ul Huda decided it best not to create posters or advertise the subjects being discussed in order to keep the number of attendees manageable in respect of official advice.

These lectures are also being recorded by The Shaykh in Urdu and will soon be available on social Media in both languages.