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Kanz ul Huda

Who are we?

Established by the world renowned scholar Shaykh Saqib Iqbal Shaami in 2003, Kanz ul Huda is an international Islamic organisation which aims to help individuals, irrespective of their race, religion, ethnicity or gender, to improve their moral, social and spiritual welfare, and lead active and fulfilling lives, which have a positive and lasting impact on the communities in which they live.

By fully embracing the inclusive approach of the Awliya Allah (friends of God Almighty) – epitomised in Khawaja Moin uddin Chishti’s saying, “love to all, malice to none” – Kanz ul Huda encourages individuals, communities and societies as a whole across the world to undergo positive change and implement a programme of spiritual introspection and practices, and actively pursue opportunities to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives.

From its humble beginnings in Birmingham, UK, Kanz ul Huda has now an established presence in several countries across the world, including Australia, France, Holland, India, Pakistan, UAE and the USA, and a diverse and united membership base, spanning millions of people across different faiths, races and professions.


In these testing and difficult times, many have succumbed to the unfortunate circumstances due to current COVID-19 measures. We are here to help!

Our Emergency Food Bank aims to serve the most vulnerable. We know times are difficult if you need our help, or you know of someone who needs our assistance, please fill in the form.

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A message from Shaykh Saqib Iqbal amidst the Coronavirus outbreak
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A message from Shaykh Saqib Iqbal amidst the Coronavirus outbreak
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Health and Spiritual Well Being - PDF Book

A message from Shaykh Saqib Iqbal amidst the Coronavirus outbreak
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