Core Activities of Kanz ul Huda (I N T T R N)


INTTRN is an acronym setting out the 6 core activities of Kanz ul Huda.

The word Ihya means revival. The purpose of the Ihya gathering is to revive our hearts out of darkness by bringing it closer to Allah Almighty and His Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)
Ihya sub-divides into two types:
Siraat Ihya (Local Area Ihya)
Markazi Ihya (Main Weekly Ihya)

Kanz ul Huda has requested all brothers to conduct or at least sit within a Nasihah (advice) gathering organised by Kanz ul Huda daily. The Nasihah consists of a series of Fiqh lessons from the book written by Sayyidi Pir Saqib Shaami (Hafidhahullah) ‘Kanz ul Fiqh’ or from Ihya ‘Uloom al-Din by Imam Ghazali (Alayhi Rahma). This is to be led by the brothers at various Masajid within the locality and should be conducted for fifteen minutes.

Tazkiyyah is the purification of the heart through taming the seven gates of the heart. The Tazkiyyah course is to be implemented by every brother and sister of the Jama’at leading them to attain true purity of the heart. Tariqah is also associated with the ‘T’ in Tazkiyyah. This is pledging an Oath of Allegiance (Bay’ah) into a Spiritual order. The meaning of Bay’ah is to be totally sold, which means to surrender yourself totally to a Spiritual Master (Murshid). Tariqah allows for a permanent spiritual link with the Jama’at and most importantly protection of ones Imaan.

This is a free self-development course provided by Kanz ul Huda teaching Fardh ul Ain knowledge. Many principles and examples of our daily lives will prove the importance of attending such a course i.e. if one is a trader or is looking to get married it is a necessity for them to learn the Fiqh of trade or nikkah. This course consists of four weekends of four hours teaching per day with overnight facilities and food provided for all those who partake.

This involves travelling once a month for a minimum of two days to different cities for the sake of Allah Almighty inviting Muslims and Non-Muslims towards Islam.

Kanz ul Huda has a set syllabus that all members implement and study on a daily basis (see point 3 of ‘Ilm in Mission Statement)